We are a resource-efficient global producer of ntural stone products. With the help of our BIM-planning, we are able to produce economical as well as ecological building projects with our sustainable resources. With our team of designers, engineers, technicans, BIM-constructionists and coordinators we are able to accompany developers, planers and installers throughout the complete process, beginning with the preliminary planning, through the execution and up to the planning of the installation. With the BIM-method we are able to digitally visualize complex building constructions. With our systematic quality- and process optimization we are able to deliver natural stone products to you faster, more efficiently and cost effective, regardless if it is typical, serial or module building techniques.

The BIM-model is differentiated though various detail level LOD. The general level of detail (LOD) is made up of the level of geometry (LOG) and level of information (LOI).

The sequence of the model with detail depth is:

  • Pre-planning model (LOD 100)
  • Draft model (LOD 200)
  • Planning modell (LOD 300)
  • Execution model (LOD 400)
  • Inventory model (LOD 500)

Our BIM-plan is generated though the author system Autodesk REVIT (CAD) as well aus RIB iTWO 5D (AVA). Upon request you can receive the model based data in certified IFC data format in order to inspect the model for accuracy.

Our BIM-Services in detail:

Planning - Building