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Natural stone plant Petersbuch

Slab production

We are Franken-Schotter.

With more than 450 employees, Franken-Schotter produces and delivers around 2 mio tonnes of natural stone products each year – from finished products such as sophisticated wall claddings, floor, tiles, stairs, gardening products, massive stone works and gabions to slabs, blocks and gravel materials.

We live natural stone.

Our natural stones are Dietfurt Jura Limestone, Jura Limestone and Dietfurt Dolomite that we extract only from our own quarries.

We own and operate four quarries with a total mining area of more than 260 ha. We operate three natural stone factories, equipped with cutting edge technology from leading manufacturers.

We export to more than 50 countries world-wide which makes up about 60 % of our business.

With different shapes, colors and textures, whatever your desire or vision, we have
something for you. From flooring to wall cladding and anything for your garden.





60 %


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Natural stone plant Petersbuch

In the background: Gravel plant Erkertshofen

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Quarry Kaldorf

Efficient and sustainable exploitation with chain saws

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Family day in Petersbuch

October 2017

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Main site Dietfurt

Quarry, natural stone production and head office

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Natural stone plant Petersbuch

November 2014

We have history.

When five individual companies merged to form Franken-Schotter in 1970 they knew that only a powerful, quality-oriented company will be successful in the market. So they decided to open new quarries and to built new production sites.

Short ways, modern technology, powerful logistics and last but not least outstanding quality has made Franken-Schotter a leading and competent supplier of natural stone products.

1970Merger of five individual companies to form Franken-Schotter. Historical quarries and gravel plants are closed.
1972Start-up of new gravel plant in Dietfurt
1975Quarrying of the first limestone blocks in the quarry of Dietfurt
1982Start-up of new asphalting plant in Dietfurt
1989Start of natural stone production in the Petersbuch plant
2002Production start for RAWE stonebox system
2004Opening of quarry Kaldorf
2005Start of natural stone production in the Wegscheid plant
2006Start-up of new asphalting plant in Roth
2013Start-up of new slab production in the Petersbuch plant
2014Start-up of the new block processing in the Petersbuch plant