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Dietfurt Travertine

Dietfurt Travertine & Jura Limestone beige vein-cut

Dietfurt Travertine and Jura limestone beige vein-cut come from the same bench but from different quarries. The bench height allows for the material to be vein-cut giving it directional character. This specific bench in the Dietfurt quarry provides material that is somewhat porous giving the stone a traditional travertine look. Traditional travertine is often filled with cement or other materials, if a denser look with no holes is what the design intent calls for then Jura limestone beige vein-cut is the correct choice. This material comes from a different quarry in the Jura region and exhibits minimal porosity. Both selections are an excellent alternative to traditional travertine as Jura is denser and has lower water absorption which leads to the stone weathering much better over time. In addition, due to the high flexural and bending strength, the stone can be installed in minimal thicknesses in high strain areas which makes it more sustainable and versatile.