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Jura Limestone

for interior flooring and exterior facades

Jura Limestone

Jura Limestone comes in various shades of beige and grey depending on the selection.

It is mostly cut along the grain however it can be cut against the grain as well giving it a directional characteristic. The limestone itself contains fossils that are over 150 million years old giving the stone a uniqueness that is unrivaled.

The stone is suitable for interior flooring as well as exterior facades and large sizes are achievalble regardless of the application. The appearance of the stone can be enhanced and altered through various finishes giving designers diverse options to realize their designs. Generally speaking the rougher the finish the more monolithic thhe look, the finer the finsch the more the characteristics of the stone come to the forefront.

our surfaces

Jura Limestone grey honed
Jura Limestone beige brushed
Jura Limestone grey sandblasted and brushed
Jura Limestone grey brushed
Jura Limestone beige honed
Jura Limestone beige vein-cut honed
Jura Limestone beige vein-cut brushed
Jura Limestone beige sandblasted and heavy brushed
Jura Limestone beige vein-cut sandblasted and lightly brushed