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the natural brick

made by nature


six sides sawn

 We only use what’s already there. THE NATURAL BRICK 

Formed by nature 160 million years ago. We just take it out of the ground, cut it to size, and if you want to, give it a finish, that’s it. Build better buildings with better bricks.

Made better in Germany.

the natural brick


front face and back face split,
four sides sawn

100% Reusable & Recyclable

Harmful Chemicals: None

55% less embodied Carbon

Glacis Bastion

Neu-Ulm, Germany
Dietfurt Limestone gala®

Also available in custom sizes
and as thin set veneer

NO FIRING, NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS  Our bricks don’t require intense firing and harmful additives, unlike traditional bricks.  INDIVIDUALITY IN DESIGN  Each Natural Brick is unique, showcasing the unique life and characteristics of nature.
ELEGANCE IN EVERY FINISH  From rustic charm to modern sophistication, different finishes allow our bricks to complement any architectural style.  MADE IN GERMANY

the natural brick


front face sandblasted,
five sides sawn

the natural brick



the natural brick


front face bush-hammered,
five sides sawn