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Natural stone for gardening and landscaping applications from Franken-Schotter


Jura limestone, suitable for virtually any exterior application

Versatility and suitability are the defining factors when it comes to our natural stone products for gardening and landscaping. From exterior paving panels to various wall stone applications, planters, benches gabions and noise barriers, the product range for our natural stone products is virtually limitless. Specific benches of the quarry also known as the Gala benches have proven overtime to be able to withstand the elements in any climate, even in freeze-thaw conditions.

Jura limestone, versatility for any style

When the stone is sandblasted, bush-hammered or diamond-honed it becomes highly slip resistant making it ideal for exterior areas and terraces. Specifically when sandblasted the stone appears in a cream-white, monolithic color. The stone is also very popular for use around pools where we can offer various edge finishes for pool copings. Massive treads offered in various finishes are also very popular in combination with pavers and copings. Another popular product we offer for garden and landscaping are our wall stones. These are available in beige, grey, beige-grey mixed and in dolomite. These can be made custom but are also available from stock as system wall stones with pre-determined layouts. With various finishes available many different looks from modern to rustic can be achieved.

The versatility of our natural stone products allows one single type of stone to be used for entire projects. Jura limestone can be well suited for exterior walls, landscape paving, pool copings, treads and gives designers the ability to also bring the stone inside.  This, along with its timeless character makes the stone a popular choice for architects all around the world. From the banks of the Rhein River in Basel to the Yacht Club in Monaco and exclusive residences in the Hamptons, our stone has been successfully utilized in various applications.

Our stone processing factories allow us to produce a wide arrange of other products as well. Please take a look at our product catalog (download here ↓)  for further inspiration. If you have something specific in mind please contact us →, we are happy to come up with something to match what you are looking for.