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35 Hudson Yards



Skidmore, Owings and Merrill



Natural stone

Jura limestone, honed


35 Hudson Yards

Our most ambitious project to date. We delivered more than 22,000 assembled stone units for this project over a 14 month period. Using state-of-the-art +/- 0,7 mm which is basically unheard of in the natural stone industry. By standardizing production and working with New Hudson Facades on the bracket design on which the stone elements were assembled to we were able to mass produce these pieces reaching an output of up to 120 units per day. On top of the production accomplishments this SOM-designed building had great requirements regarding the acceptable rage of stone. Although the project is currently still under construction a large portion of the stone has already been installed and is receiving glowing feedback from the owner, installer and New Yorker architectural community.