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RAWE crazy-paving style stone box


factory filled and compacted

Grids welded out of single and double wire, mesh width 50 x 200 mm, nominal wire diemeter 6/6/6 mm or alternatively 6/5 mm.

The galvanization in accordance with DIN EN ISTO 1461 applied to all elements after bending and welding, no ends or weld joints are left ungalvanized.

Minimum corosion protection of 55 years according to corrosiveness category C3 with a galvanization degradation rate of approx. 1 µm per year in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944.

Front side natural crust with Dietfurt Limestone gala ®

Filled with Dietfurt Dolomite ® diameter approx. Ø 63 / 100 mm.