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Natural stone flooring panels and tiles
from Franken-Schotter

Jura limestone flooring panels for virtually any application

Jura limestone is a great option for high-foot traffic flooring as it has excellent abrasion resistant and load bearing values. The stone has been used in shopping malls, airports and office buildings for decades and is still a preferred choice for designers and architects today as large panel sizes in minimal thicknesses are achievable. We like to say that if you can install it we can produce it.


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Jura limestone flooring panels to achieve various looks

Depending on the finish various looks and slip resistant values can be achieved.  The lower the honing grit the more slip resistant and monolithic the stone becomes. Higher grits bring out more of the unique life of the stone and although they aren’t as slip resistant. A honed 220 finish is suitable for most public building applications. A wide variety of textured finishes are also available depending on the design intent as rustic or antique looks can be achieved as well. Various finishes, combined with various selections of stone give designers various shades of beige and grey to work with. The Dietfurt selections available in both beige and grey are calmer and give a more monolithic appearance. Specific selection can also be vein-cut or cut against the grain giving the stone directional character, similar to a travertine without the holes.

Natural stone flooring panels, a unique and sustainable solution

Minimizing our environmental footprint is of the utmost important to us. We understand that we are working with natural resources and thus it is important to quarry and utilize our raw material in a responsible manner to ensure its availability for generations to come. We are proud to say that everything we take out of the ground is used down to the smallest stones which are used for aggregate production. We are proud to have environmental product declarations for our natural stone flooring panels and we are proud to be EMAS certified. Sustainability is often a deciding factor when it comes to an architects’ decision to specify materials. Natural stone panels are more sustainable than ceramics as production is less energy intensive. The other factor that sets natural stone panels apart from ceramics is that each natural stone panel is one of a kind.


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