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Jura’s excellent technical values of breaking load at anchor and frost resistant qualities make it an optimal choice for any façade application. Whether a back anchor, kerf, dowel pin or other anchoring options, we can delivery façade panels in all shapes and sizes, including curved to site ready to be installed.


Jura limestone is a great option for high-foot traffic flooring as it has excellent abrasion resistant and load bearing values. The stone has been used in shopping malls, airports and office buildings for decades and is still a preferred choice for designers and architects today as it is more sustainable than ceramics and each individual stone remains uniquely formed by nature. Due to technical values large panel sizes in minimal thicknesses are achievable. We like to say that if you can install it we can produce it.

Garden and Landscaping

Another popular product we offer for garden and landscaping are our wall stones. These are available in beige, grey, beige-grey mixed and in dolomite. These can be made custom but are also available in stock as system wall stones with pre-determined patterns. With various finishes available many different looks from modern to rustic we have a selection for everyone’s palate.

The Natural Brick

NO FIRING, NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS  Our bricks don’t require intense firing and harmful additives, unlike traditional bricks.  INDIVIDUALITY IN DESIGN  Each Natural Brick is unique, showcasing the unique life and characteristics of nature.
ELEGANCE IN EVERY FINISH  From rustic charm to modern sophistication, different finishes allow our bricks to complement any architectural style.  MADE IN GERMANY