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Live from our natural stone workshop in Germany


Learn about Jura limestone and everything you can do with this extraordinary natural stone. Presented live from our natural stone workshop in Germany

Join us for a unique AIA accredited CEU (1LU/HSW) presentation on Jura limestone, presented live from our stone workshop in Dietfurt, Germany

Natural stone consultation

Expert consultation for all your natural stone questions


Natural stone is one of the most used building materials in the world. It has been used for thousands of years dating back to the earliest of civilzations who used natural stone for tools and as durable building materials. Most natural stones were formed hundreds of millions of years ago giving them a unique character and history unmatched by other raw materials. In today’s globalized world there are countless natural stones available it is more important than ever to know which stones are suitable for which applications. There are no “good” or “bad” stones, just stones that are suitable or not suitable for certain applications. This is where our expertise comes in as we are able to advise for which applications our stone is best suited and what specifically to look after when using the stone for specific applications. Let us assist you in order to ensure that your project will be a success, we are happy to help.



Sample request

Our pictures and descriptions of our stone are there to give the designers, architects and developers an idea of what our stone looks like and how it can be applied. The decision if a stone is the right choice for a specific vision and application may be dependent upon factors that can’t be conveyed in pictures. What does the stone feel like? How does the stone mesh with other materials? How does lighting change the look of the stone? Various other factors may also play a role.

In order to answer these questions and give the designer, architect or developer a better feel for the material and see what it looks like in different conditions we offer 19×12 samples in a standard format to be conveniently sent to you via courier.